Dave Bishops A310

Hi everyone at RACI - and Manfred Gantenbrink!
The exterior is finished (apart from some minor 'snagging'). Take a look at the "Le Mans 1977" pages on my website for a better quality version of the pic. www.a310alpine.com
It is time for its official test, which is similar to the French CT, the German TUV and the English MOT. But tougher! The car runs, all lights work as they should etc and the brakes have been stripped, cleaned, re-copper-greased and will hopefully be OK. Then I have to start on some mechanical work, such as replacing cooling pipes, a couple of engine 'O' rings and loads of jobs on the electrics. Then I will eventually - before mid-June anyway - be completely finished. The long road finally has an end to it.
What do you reckon?

Dave Bishop

Ich ergänze einen Thread zum Fahrzeug im Forum....